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... offers social services for musicians, artists and women entrepreneurs who want help growing their online presence while continuing to do what YOU love most--your craft. As your coach, I specialize in guiding you through developing both short and long term online marketing, business and social media strategies in a fun, collaborative and unique way.

Initially self-taught with social media platforms (a LONG time ago) and collaborating with local female business owners, up and coming comedians and aspiring musicians, I became aware of the frustrations while you're trying to pave your way online, stand out in the world and create YOUR brand.

My mission is centered around providing simple, straight-forward and affordable social media advice and consulting to small business owners and independent professionals.

Have you asked yourself:

"Do I create a website or start with a Facebook fan page?"

"How do I know what social media platform to target?"

"Does a social media presence really matter in my field?"

These are just some of the questions we can discuss as we begin our partnership together.

I'm here as you inquire into how to make social media and online marketing work for your brand. I choose to only work with small business clients in whatever capacity you need me to. I am very flexible with how I work, and happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as you need me to be. I work with clients across the spectrum – some who want me to help them get set up with their online marketing strategy and they take it from there, some who want me to strategize, implement, and manage it all on an ongoing basis on their behalf, and some who prefer some combination of assistance in between.

I believe in authentic, fun and organic marketing designed to help you meet your social media goals. I'm also a big believer in client education for those new to, or overwhelmed with, social media.

So, if you want me to help you create a strategy and train you on social media best practices because you are going to keep all work in-house, that’s great. If you want me to handle all of this work for you, that’s awesome, too. I strive to be your small business partner and am happy to provide whatever level of service you most desire.

Read more about my business and industries served, and about why I'm different than many other social media professionals you’ll come across.


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Whether you use me to get a jump-start, or we work together on an ongoing basis, my focus is your success!


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