The Process

Check out the steps below to continue our work together:

More than likely, I'll know a bit about you before our first phone call (it's FREE!). We'll need to talk for at least 30 minutes so I can ask you some questions and understand your needs. After this phone call, I'll send you an OE (Overview Email) . This will include our phone conversation and some initial thoughts. I will also have a better idea of how much time it will take for me to get you set up.


Find the email sent by me (generally the hardest part :). It has the subject line “Social Media Consult” and is sent from “". Please be sure to respond within 48 hours. Information is power. Sometimes it's not a good fit and you'll know right away. Other times, you may have questions or you're an immediate "LET'S DO THIS!" Whatever the case, please email or call me back to let me know. I promise I won't get hurt feelings :)


Once your questions are answered then it's time to get to work! First, you and your team will choose a plan that works best for you. Review carefully and if you have questions, we can set up another call to answer those. My goal here is to get you the BEST package for the work I'll  be doing for you. For some it's hourly, and for others, it may be a 3 month plan. You can count on me to be clear and honest with my suggestions.


Now it's time to Get Started! This is the point you'll make me an editor, admin or manager of your social channels so I can access them to take a look at what's going on behind the scenes. I'll also check to see if you have a social media calendar or schedule of posts. If not, I'll create one for you as I do my research.


Once I've gotten into your social channels and studied your posting patterns to see how your fans interact with you, we'll set up a call or I can write up a report (your choice) to go over my findings. At this point, the consulting aspect has been completed. However, if you'd like management of your streams, you'll then let me know if you'd like me to continue to monitor your pages and post any content. We'll then create a longer term social media plan.


For some clients, this is the time to say goodbye. You're crystal clear where you need to go, your channels are humming with new fans and you're on your way! But for some, you may need a little extra help, or maybe you'd like to focus more on your craft versus hanging out on the computer all day counting likes and views. At this point, we will discuss a longer term 3-month plan, and decide at that time what we'll do next.

Your brand is unique so I'm always open to discussion in regards to payment and rates.

And, because I work with small business owners, and have a small business myself, I make partnering with me as simple as possible. 

Keep in mind that I..

  • Do not require contracts
  • Do not require retainers
  • Do not have any minimum service levels or monthly spends

Check out the packages below, if that works better for you.

It's also a cool visual for some examples.


1 Social Channel (Facebook)

Create or overhaul your FB "Like page."

  • Create Brand Look
  • Optimize Page
  • 1 Free Revision


2 Social Channels (your choice)

Determine your top 2 social channels.

  • Create Consistency
  • Create Brand Bio
  • Includes Silver package
  • Additional channel $250


Top Social Channels

Determine your top 4 social channels.

  • Social Account Set-up
  • Create Posts
  • Includes Gold package

Think of my services as “a la carte,” adding in and removing services as needed.

Let's Get Started!