This is who I am, This is what you can count on…

I am extremely passionate about helping musicians, artists and women with small businesses increase their brand awareness and reach new audiences within their specifically defined niche market. Due to being an early adopter to social media (WAYYY back in the 90s), I acquired an expansive wealth of knowledge in this area and developed a unique communication approach, addressing not only the business side of your brand but also the mental and emotional side.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and my Master’s Degree focusing on Business and the Human Condition at St. Edward’s University. I’m also a Certified Paralegal and have Advanced Certification in Conflict Resolution. However, one of the most important things I’ve learned through it all is to have exceptional and consistent communication with people of all different types – management, specialists, attorneys, musicians, makeup artists, realtors, and students–the list is endless.

As I’ve become a mom and started my own businesses, I now use this unique knowledge in many different ways. With my advanced education in psychology, I blend the science of the mind with my deep and personal understanding of the “beingness” of people and groups. Combining my education with my deep love of music and people, I am able to create customized social media plans for clients that increase “fan” interactions and allow a deeper understanding of their brand. This understanding is KEY to growing your fan base but to also understand yourself. Once you’re able to define who you are and WHY you do what you do (if you don’t already!), your fans will align with you and your brand awareness will soar.

Aside from being an entrepreneur and avid connoisseur of anything Prince, I’m a wife, mother of two insanely wonderful kids, a coach, practicing yogi, living my childhood dream as a tap dancer, sharing new tunes as a Peer2Peer music distributor and a publicly declared Target addict.

I was born in New Jersey, lived in Colorado in the late 70s, grew up in Texas and now living the good life hanging in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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