MUSIC is my lifeline. So, that means, musicians (read: YOU) keep my heart beating. That’s how important you are in the world. Whether we’re celebrating a major milestone, mourning a lost love, getting away from the daily grind or just jumping in the car for a roadtrip, music is what keeps us going and will always be there to create a mood. If I can help one musician or band understand how important they are to the world, while they also gain fans to earn more money, or just simply not give up on their dream, I’ve done my job.

Kathy Gaalaas (aka KathyG)Social Media Consultant for Musicians

Being an Musicpreneur today creates a melting pot of overwhelm. It’s not just you. Every musician’s career has an insane “to do list.” It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or “seasoned” with your craft, there’s work to do–every minute. Rehearsal, booking, gigs, recording, writing, creating a website, figuring out what streaming service to put your stuff on, travel, CD art, photoshoots, studio time, and the dreaded, SOCIAL MEDIA posts.

Sound familiar?

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay and you can’t deny it’s a HUGE tool to use if you want your music heard. Much of the time, though, you may see very little progress, or lose momentum at critical times because you’re so busy trying to keep up with the to-do list I mentioned earlier. It’s scary. Especially when you don’t have access to the forward thinking strategies and help that you need. And, while you may see that need and have the desire to have a strong social media presence, there’s simply not enough time (or energy!) to learn what is needed AND be savvy at it.

That’s where I come in.

While working with a number of bands behind the scenes since the early 90s, and have spoken to even more since, one of the biggest challenges I’ve heard is how to get more people to find your music BEFORE a tour or new album comes out. You don’t want the new music you’re so pumped about going out into a black hole of nothingness. You need a handful of “Super Fans” to help you get the word out and a basic fan base to branch out even more. THIS is where social media can help you big time. And I can show you how to do it.

 As you’re reading this, you may already have a Facebook fan page (awesome!), or maybe you’re using your personal page and YouTube to promote your songs. Maybe you love tweeting or have an Instagram account to post your band’s daily happenings and gigs. No matter what you do, you have to do it, and DO IT CONSISTENTLY, if you want to continue to have followers and gain more along the way.

Here’s a few questions to ponder:  Have you thought about how social media can work for your band? Do you have a social media calendar? Or, if you’re an independent musician or songwriter, do you think creating a “brand” around who you are and the type of music you play is a lost cause or virtually impossible?

Here’s the answer: IT’S NOT.

Remember: Your brand is YOUR music at first glance. Your brand will determine whether people will click play or click away. It’s that critical! Make sure it speaks for you and not against you.

Here’s the bottom line, if you choose to work with me, my unique blend of business skills, music business knowledge and advanced social media expertise will allow me to create the strong online presence you’re looking for. I also pride myself on working with musicians in the way you prefer. You’re busy, I get it. So, I can provide you with simple advice like a coach, more in-depth social media management over time or maybe a simple road map to get where you want to be. Consider me another member of your band as we work together to get the most out of your social. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Want to know what it’s like to work with me?

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