I absolutely love artists. They bring so much joy, happiness and feeling into the world. Art and the creation of it may be sad, happy or introspective, but watching an artist work–the process always EVOKES something inside me. It’s inspiring, impactful and I’m honored to be in those moments. I have many friends who are artists, and as I think about it, this doesn’t surprise me as I LOVE having art surround me. I love to FEEL. This is just one reason why I choose to work with this group of highly talented people. Your work needs to get out to the masses and I’ll help you get there.

Kathy GaalaasSocial Media Consultant for Artists

One of the biggest challenges facing any artist (painter, makeup artist, hair stylist, dancer, comedian, author, etc.) is the need to personally handle every aspect of maintaining and growing a successful business. As a sole proprietor, you may have your passion, something to share or sell and contacts to make it happen, but a partner or team of employees may not be in your future just yet. As I’ve spoken with entrepreneurs like you, I hear the same concern over and over–there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and done well. Putting in the hours needed to complete your daily schedule, plus planning, advertising, marketing your work, and of course social media, I don’t have to tell you that it requires a lot more than 40 hours a week.

While you may see the need and have the desire to have a strong social media presence, there’s simply not enough time (or energy!) to learn what is needed AND be savvy at it.

I come to the table with hands-on business and marketing knowledge coupled with advanced social media expertise within your niche market. This unique blend allows me to create the strong online presence you’re looking for. I also pride myself on working with clients in the way you prefer. From providing you with advice or a social media calendar, to working alongside you as a social media coach, to completely handling your social media  for you, I easily adapt my services and how I work to fit your unique needs.

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