Definitely a sad state of affairs for those of us that rely on Google and social for pretty much everything.

Although many of us check the “news” to make sure the information is correct, what happens when one of our “trusted sources” then becomes “fake news” or makes a mistake that goes viral? The algorithms that Google and all the top social media channels use is great–until it’s hacked or someone tries to play a game (and I don’t mean a fun one).

Just a note of warning and a request: PLEASE check your sources and question all you see online, even if it’s a trusted source you’ve used for years.

We live in very confusing and stressful times (in my opinion), but we do have the power and opportunity to better ourselves thru researching, taking a breath before hitting “like” or “send,” or going old-school and actually talking to someone over the phone or in person.

I have a feeling we’re going to start moving away from social being the “go-to for news” when it constantly shows us that much of what we read is fake, leans too left or right or is just plain incorrect. I’ve mulled this over for a few months now and doing my best to do all the things I mentioned above, including talking to people in person. I actually miss it, a lot.

As the article states: “Google just turned 19. Facebook is 13. Twitter is 11 and a half… If the companies providing the services we rely on want to keep or regain our trust, this new normal warrants a good deal more of their attention.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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Kathy is a tenaciously passionate Social Media Consultant specializing in helping musicians, artists and women with small businesses increase their brand awareness and reach new audiences within their specifically defined niche market. Kathy blends the science of the mind with her deep and personal understanding of the "beingness" of individuals and groups. By blending her education with her love of music and people, Kathy creates customized plans for clients that are easy to understand and exciting to use. Kathy received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and her Masters Degree focusing on Business and the Human Condition at St. Edward's University. Kathy is also a Certified Paralegal and has Advanced Certification in Conflict Resolution. Aside from being an entrepreneur and avid connoisseur of Prince lyrics, Kathy is a mother of 2, wife, coach, yogi, tap dancer, Peer2Peer music distributor, live music junkie and self-proclaimed Target addict.

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