Social Media, Made Simple.

Specializing in helping musicians, artists, solopreneurs, and women business owners

find their place online and make their mark doing it. 

Artists and entrepreneurs are extremely special people. You understand the dedication needed to be a part of this world and you deserve the best to show off your work.

You are unique and the world deserves to know you.

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From answering basic social media questions to reviewing what you already have, I'm here as your sounding board or to share latest trends and advice to get your social up to speed. You'll find my way of communication fun, collaborative and respectful.


I approach each client’s social media in the same way I approach my own -- Build a targeted audience of engaged users through posting relevant content and creative interactions.


In order to make the most of your online efforts, you need to make sure your website, blog posts, social media activity, Facebook ads, and email marketing are working together and working WELL.  I will review your social and create a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business, industry, needs, and online marketing tools.

What makes Kathy different?


I work with you the way you need me to.


My education and years of using social media, enhances my expertise.


Add, remove, increase or decrease services as your needs change. No questions asked.

A La Carte

There are no preset packages, monthly minimums or contracts.

A Few of My Top Clients

Alex Amorosi
Smith Artisan Photography
Keane Sense of Rhythm

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Social media changes almost daily and my job is to keep up with the trends and learn something new.  I then take what I've learned to come up with unique ideas for your brand. Click the button below for some free tips and advice direct from me!

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